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Feeding Our People


            -Maintaining Volunteers

            -Delivery of food

            -Inaccessible Food Pantries (churches)

            -Sourcing food from suppliers

            -Communication with food suppliers

            -Expired, freezer burned, bad food


Best- practices:

            -Pre-bagging food

            -Gather information from clients when making delivery/contact (medical                         supplies, social health)

            -Update referral lists regularly

            -Start a “Victory Garden”

            -Coordinate with local Aging organization who may be able to waive meals on                wheels requirements

            -Connect with Housing Authorities

            -School service groups may have volunteers

            -Use volunteers to make phone calls or other ways to maintain distance

            -No contact delivery vehicle loading and delivery

            -Anonymous food drop-offs


General Tips for starting operations:

-Designate a Food Justice Advisor to manage all things food bank related. This person should maintain a certain supply level based on various factors like population size and specific needs of the area.


-Designate a closet, room, or area for donated foods. Create accessible signage so people can find it easily. If you have space, incorporate a quick drop donation table so people can drop off and pick up donations.


-Have the capability to receive donations at a particular time and/or place. Make this known to the public. Donations will manifest in a variety of ways. Unopened surplus food, food drives, snack and dinner programs, monetary, etc. Determine what you are willing to take and what you won’t accept.


-Log donations, track items, get information from individuals. Have participants fill out information forms so you know who is coming and going. Track inventories over time to determine your area-specific needs.

We need your help!

Please support Kelly’s Kitchen healthy education programs

There are a variety of ways to help:


Direct Donation

In-kind Donation

Corporate Sponsorships


Our Mission

Promoting healthy nutrition in the whole community, with a focus on providing education on ways to access healthy food, explore employment possibilities in the food and beverage industry for people with disabilities, ensure food security, and learn healthy preparation techniques.
Hey y'all!
I'm Kelly Timmons and I founded Kelly's Kitchen to educate all about food justice and build a community that makes a difference.
With over a decade in the food manufacturing industry, I have developed a passion for access to healthy foods as a social justice issue. 


Thank you to our sponsors

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Taco Boy
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